1. Mowing
    Mowing includes cutting entire lawn with our commercial mowers, edging and blowing off grass clippings from walkways and driveway.
    Starting at $40*
  2. Lawn Treatments
    Lawn Treatments
    Our year-round lawn treatments include 7 treatments fertilizing lawn with weed and grub control.
    Starting at $50 per treatment
  3. Aerating/Verticutting
    Performed in late summer/early fall, this service allows the lawn to breathe so that nutrients move deep within the soil. It's best to oversee during this time, as well.
    Starting at $100*
  4. Landscaping/Pruning
    We design, build and maintain landscaping beds and keep plants/shrubs trimmed and healthy.
    $45 per labor hour (materials extra)
  5. Irrigation Systems
    Irrigation Systems
    We design, install and maintain sprinkler systems of all types.
    contact us for estimate
  6. Hardscaping/Patios
    We design and install patios of all types to meet the needs of our clients.
    contact us for estimate
  7. Lawn Clean Up/Leaf Removal
    Lawn Clean Up/Leaf Removal
    We quickly and efficiently remove leaves and debris to keep our client's grass healthy and tidy.
    $50 per labor hour
  8. Gutter Cleaning
    Gutter Cleaning
    We quickly and safely clean gutters throughout the year.
    Starting at $55
  9. French Drains
    French Drains
    Having drainage issues? Our team will help design, implement and install a drainage solution for your unique property.
    Contact us for estimate
  10. Snow Removal
    Snow Removal
    We offer commercial snow removal during the winter months. We use a combination of snow plowing, blowing and ice melt to remove snow.
    Contact us for estimate
  11. Lighting
    Let us help you with your landscape lighting! We design and install a solution that adds both function and beauty.
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*minimum pricing based on standard sized lot of 6000 square foot of lawn and restricted to residents of Johnson County, KS.

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